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Alternative Learning Center:

The Pike County Alternative Learning Center (ALC) is located in Troy, Alabama on Dean Street near the School System's Operations and Technology Center. It is part of the Prevention and Support Annex for the Pike County School System.


The Pike County School System's Alternative Learning Center 's Mission is to develop students' attitudes, behaviors, and skills so that they may be successful, both socially and academically, in an appropriate educational environment.


As a positive alternative to suspending and/or expelling students, the basic philosophy of this program is that all students can learn and all students deserve the opportunity to learn. The Pike County School System's Alternative Learning Center's program is designed with the  belief that suspending and/or expelling students does not lead to any rehabilitation or development of appropriate decision making skills, which will enable a person to become a functional adult. 

The ultimate goal of the program will be to change patterns of inappropriate behavior by promoting competence in healthy, positive interactions with others.


Students attending the ALC are assigned on either a long term or short term basis (less than 10 days). Students are assigned to short term by school principals. Students are assigned to long term by the Superintendent's Discipline Council. Students returning to the school system from the Alabama Department of Youth Services or other similar agency must transition through the ALC.   

The ALC is not intended to replace "regular school." The ALC does not provide the full range of educational opportunities, co-curricular activities, and extra-curricular activities found in the "regular school" setting. However, it does provide students with a last chance opportunity to continue their education. Students assigned to the ALC may not participate in "regular school" activities while completing their ALC assignment.   

The ALC provides student access to the general curriculum using a variety of instructional methodologies including ACCESS and Plato.

In addition, the ALC provides a full range of services to students with special needs on a case by case basis.

The ALC is staffed with a certified teacher and instructional aide. The ALC also houses offices for school nurses, the school psychologists, school social worker (Community Outreach Specialist), Gifted and Talented staff, and the Administrative Assistant for Prevention and Support and Special Education Services.

Bringing these staff members together under one roof allows the school system to use a Holistic approach when assisting At-Risk students.

Alternative Learning Center Rules: 

Each student and his/her guardian will sign a contract with the ALC teacher. All students must be picked up no later than 2:10 pm.  


Mr. Jeff McClure 334-566-1850  Extn: 81109
Director - Alternative Learning Center Email Mr. Jeff McClure
David Godwin 334-566-1850
ALC Teacher Email David Godwin
Ms. Felicia Darby 334-566-1850  Extn: 81145
Alternative Learning Center Instructional Aide Email Ms. Felicia  Darby
Butch Phelps 334-566-1850
Truancy Intervention Email Butch Phelps
101 W. Love Street | Troy, AL 36081 | 334.566.1850

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