Prevention and Support Staff


Dr. Mark Head 334-566-1850  Extn: 81117
Prevention and Support Services Email Dr. Mark Head
Mrs. Jo Dansby 334-566-1850  Extn: 81118
Bookkeeper/Accountant Email Mrs. Jo Dansby
Mr. Jeff McClure 334-566-1850  Extn: 81109
Director - Alternative Learning Center Email Mr. Jeff McClure
Butch Phelps 334-566-1850  Extn: 81143
Truancy Intervention Email Butch Phelps
Ms. Felicia Darby 334-566-1850  Extn: 81145
Alternative Learning Center Instructional Aide Email Ms. Felicia  Darby
David Godwin 334-566-1850
ALC Teacher Email David Godwin
Stephanie McCall
Psychometrist Email Stephanie McCall
Mr. Kevin Jackson 334-566-1850  Extn: 81124
Transition Coordinator Email Mr. Kevin Jackson
Mrs. Beth A. Milton
Email Mrs. Beth Milton
Mrs. Jodie K Jefcoat
Virtual High School Teacher Email Mrs. Jodie Jefcoat
Gina Maxwell
VHS Teacher Email Gina Maxwell
Mrs. Liz LeVeque 334-243-5514
Banks/PCHS School Nurse Email Mrs. Liz LeVeque
Mrs. Angela Long 334-735-2683
PCES School Nurse Email Mrs. Angela Long
Mrs. Pam Moates 334-484-3442
GES/GHS School Nurse Email Mrs. Pam Moates
Sharon Sullivan 334-735-2389
PCHS School Counselor Email Sharon Sullivan
Mrs. Christine Wheeler 334-735-2683
PCES School Counselor Email Mrs. Christine Wheeler
Anna Lee 334-484-3245  Extn: 87254
GHS Counselor Email Anna Lee
Mrs. Michelle Taylor 334-484-3442
GES School Counselor Email Mrs. Michelle Taylor
Rachael Brooks 334-566-5395  Extn: 88254
TPCT - Counselor Email Rachael Brooks
Holley Davis 334-243-5514
Banks School Counselor Email Holley Davis