8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Dr. Mark Bazzell 334-566-1850
Superintendent Email Dr. Mark Bazzell
Dr. Donnella Carter 334-566-1850  Extn: 81127
Administrative Assistant: Instructional Programs Email Dr. Donnella Carter
Dr. Mark Head 334-566-1850  Extn: 81117
Administrative Assistant: Prevention and Support Services; Special Ed Email Dr. Mark Head
Ms. Pamela Franklin 334-566-1850
Instructional Support Specialist Email Ms. Pamela Franklin
Mrs. Jennifer Hornsby 334-566-1850  Extn: 81120
Chief School Financial Officer Email Mrs. Jennifer Hornsby
Mr. Tom Hicks 334-566-1850  Extn: 81130
Director of Finance and Operations Email Mr. Tom Hicks
Mr. Mike Johnson 334-566-1850  Extn: 81106
Maintenance and Transportation Director Email Mr. Mike Johnson
Mrs. Stephanie Snyder 334-566-1850  Extn: 81115
Technology Coordinator Email Mrs. Stephanie Snyder
Mrs. Joy Taylor 334-566-1850  Extn: 81125
CNP Field Supervisor Email Mrs. Joy Taylor
Mrs. Brooke Terry 334-566-1850  Extn: 81129
CNP Director Email Mrs. Brooke Terry
Mrs. Cynthia Boswell 334-566-1850  Extn: 81112
Executive Secretary to Superintendent Email Mrs. Cynthia Boswell