The Pike County School System offers several academic academy options for students in high school and a STEM academy for middle school. These academic academies introduce students to broad career opportunities in the business, agriculture, art and aviation industries while teaching them practical job skills and real world knowledge. The academic academies provide students with industry related courses of study and prepares them for further studies in higher education.


Mrs. Sharon Denison 334-735-2389  Extn: 82200
Academy of Business and Finance Email Mrs. Sharon Denison
Amy Garrett
STEM Academy Email Amy Garrett
Mrs. Jodie K Jefcoat
Email Mrs. Jodie Jefcoat
Mr. Jeff McClure 334-566-1850
Director - Alternative Learning Center Email Mr. Jeff McClure
Julie Simmons 334-566-5395  Extn: 88250
Principal, Troy Pike Center for Technology Email Julie Simmons