Business and Finance

Folder Financial Documents (28 Files)
Sub Folder Audited Financial Statements (13 Files)
Download Audit Report FY 2016
Download Audit Report FY 2015
Download Audit Report FY 2014
Download Audit Report FY 2013
Download Audit Report FY 2012
Download Audit Report FY 2011
Download Audit Report FY 2010
Download Audit Report FY 2009
Download Audit Report FY 2008
Download Audit Report FY 2007
Download Audit Report FY 2006
Download Audit Report FY 2005
Download Audit Report FY 2004
Sub Folder FY 2017 Financial Statements (5 Files)
Download Exhibit F-I-A Balance Sheet
Download Exhibit F-II-A Financial Summary
Download Exhibit F-III-A Budget Actual Comparison Part A
Download Exhibit F-III-B Budget Actual Comparison Part B
Download Exhibit F-III-C Budget Actual Comparison Part C
Sub Folder Accountability Reports (10 Files)
Download Check Register Oct 2016
Download Check Register Nov 2016
Download Check Register Dec 2016
Download Check Register Jan 2017
Download Check Register Feb 2017
Download Check Register Mar 2017
Download Check Register Apr 2017
Download Check Register May 2017
Download Check Register Jun 2017
Download Check Register Jul 2017
Folder Local School Forms (1 Files)
Download External Organization Guidelines
Folder Payroll and Human Resources (7 Files)
Download 2017 Federal Tax Witholdings Form W-4
Download State Tax Withholding Form A-4
Download Student Tax Withholdings Form A-4E
Download How do I Adjust My Tax Withholding?
Download Direct Deposit Form
Download Personal Leave Conversion Form (Certified)
Download Personal Leave Conversion Form (Support)
Folder Faculty/Staff Dress Code Policy (1 Files)
Download Dress Code Policy

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