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Learn more about how your gifted child thinks!

Gifted kids ask questions............constantly.  Or they keep their noses in a book and don't talk.  They may need to be alone or crave social contact.  Some like to spend time with adults and some rebel against adults.  Gifted kids are diverse in their characteristics, needs, strengths and weaknesses.  Some parents of Gifted kids become frustrated or are at a loss about how to interact and help their child.

Below are some resources which may help you gain an understanding about how your Gifted child thinks.


Parenting a gifted child can be very rewarding and very frustrating.  Many parents search for ways to understand their gifted child. Hoagies Gifted Education page has many great online and print resources for parents. You can visit their main page here or click on the links below for specific areas of parental interest.

What are the characteristics of a gifted child?

What are some of the social and emotional needs of a gifted child?

 Is your gifted child supersensitive? Read about Dabrowski's over-excitabilities here or here.

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