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Meeting Type: Provisional Board Meeting
Location: Central Office
Date: 7/30/2009 6:00:00 PM

1.         Roll Call

2.         Invocation

3.         Accept minutes dated June 13, 2009

4.         Hearing of delegations and communications

5.         Adoption of agenda

6.         Unfinished business

7.         New business

A.        Consider interdistrict transfer requests.

B.        Award bid on propane gas.

C.        Award bid on diesel fuel and gasoline.

D.        Award bid on garbage collection.

E.         Award bid on construction dumpsters.

F.         Approve one time financial assistance to Pike County High School and Goshen High School athletic programs per Dr. Bazzell's letter.

G.         Personnel action

A.        Accept Linda Hamrick's resignation from the position as librarian at Banks School.

B.        Accept April Nelson's resignation from her position as bookkeeper at Pike County Elementary School.

C.        Approve Sylvia Green's request for Family Medical Leave from her position as lunchroom floater for the period of August 4 through October 1, 2009.

D.        Approve re-employment of Donna Bundy, Candice Brunney, and Martha Hughes as bus aides.

E.         Approve re-employment of Henry Everett for contracted services as music instructor at Banks School.

F.         Approve employment of Sherry Holley as a bus driver.

G.        Approve employment of Samuel Valentine as a Sixth Grade teacher at Pike County Elementary School.

H.        Approve Shondra Whitaker for the position as Graduation Coach/Interventionist at Goshen High School.         

I.          Approve employment of Regina Wright as an English teacher at Goshen High School.

J.          Approve employment of Rachel Everett as a teacher in the Indian Education Program.

K.         Approve Sarah Gambles for the position as Elementary Academic Coach/ Interventionist at Banks School.

L.         Approve employment of Yolanda Marley for the Academic Coach position at Goshen Elementary School.

M.        Approve employment of Sontessia Youngblood as a Fifth Grade teacher at Banks School.

N.        Approve employment of Amanda Trawick as Librarian at Banks School.

O.        Approve employment of Jonathan Bailey as a Science teacher at Pike County High School.

P.         Approve the voluntary transfer of Jennifer Pollard from her position as lunchroom floater to lunchroom worker at Goshen Elementary School.

Q.        Approve employment of Barbara Green as a lunchroom floater.

R.        Approve employment of Elton Russ as Assistant Principal at Goshen Elementary School.

S.         Approve employment of Troy Pike Center for Technology Director.

9.         Business by members of the board and superintendent of education not included on the agenda.

10.       Adjourn

Additional items for board agenda, July 30, 2009:

1.         Approve lease between John Douglas Shipman and the Pike County Board of Education.

2.         Approve additional days for selected employees for work performed this summer.

3.         Approve employment of Bazelais Louissant in the position as special education aide at Pike County High School.