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Meeting Type: Regular Board Meeting
Location: Central Office
Date: 12/14/2009 5:30:00 PM

1.         Roll Call

2.         Invocation

3.         Accept minutes dated November 16, 2009

4.         Hearing of delegations and communications

5.         Adoption of agenda

6.         Unfinished business

7.         New business

A.        Consider student transfer requests.

B.        Presentation of financial statement and bank reconcilement for the month of November, 2009.

C.        Approve payment of payrolls for the month of December and bills and accounts for run dates of November 30 and December 9, 2009.

D.        Approve board meeting calendar for 2010.

E.         Reject antivirus software bids.

F.         Approve request for Calvin Morris to attend JROTC School of Cadet Command Instructor Training Course at Fort Monroe, Virginia, on December 13-18, 2009, at no cost to the board.

G.        Approve local travel rate adjustment.

8.         Personnel action

A.        Approve Marla Johnson's request for catastrophic leave from her position as teacher at Goshen High School, beginning the first week of February, 2010.

B.        Approve employment of Rhonda Flowers as Career Education Technical Counselor at Troy Pike Center for Technology.

C.        Accept Bobby Bray's resignation from his position as bus driver, effective December 10, 2009.

D.        Approve the re-employment of Sylvia Sipper as bus driver.

9.         Business by members of the board and superintendent of education not included on the agenda.

10.       Adjourn

Additional items for board agenda, December 14, 2009:

1.         Approve adoption of the textbook, Understandable Statistics, from the state approved textbook list.