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Meeting Type: Board Meeting
Location: Central Office
Date: 10/13/2008 5:30:00 PM

                                                         B O A R D   A G E N D A

                                                                October 13, 2008

                                                                       5:30 p.m.

1.         Roll Call

2.         Invocation

3.         Accept minutes dated September 15, 2008

4.         Hearing of delegations and communications

5.         Adoption of agenda

6.         Unfinished business

7.         New business

A.        Resolution recognizing November 16-22 as American Education Week and Tuesday, November 18, as Retired Teachers= Day.

B.         Presentation of financial statement and bank reconcilement for September, 2008.

C.        Approve payment of bills and accounts for September 30 and payrolls and bills and accounts for the month of October, 2008.

D.        Nomination of member to represent the board at the 2008 AASB Delegate Assembly on December 4, 2008, in Birmingham.

E.         Approve payment of property insurance premium for 2008-2009 to the Alabama Division of Risk Management.

F.         Discuss bid for construction of the Goshen High School Agricultural Academy Large Animal Management Instructional Facility.

G.        Approve request by East Central Mental Health for a bus and driver to take Day Habilitation Program participants to the Fair in Dothan on November 5, 2008.

H.        Approve lease purchase plan for teacher computers using the Alabama Joint Purchase Program.

I.          Approve agreement with SchoolinSites for webhosting service for the school district and individual schools.

8.         Personnel action

A.        Accept resignation of Denetrice Jones, effective October 3, 2008, from her position as bus aide.

B.         Approve Antonio K. Rogers as a volunteer for football and basketball at Goshen High School.

C.        Approve adjustment in compensation for Deborah Huggins Davis as GED Test Examiner at Troy Pike Center for Technology.

D.        Executive session to hear employee grievance.

9.         Business by members of the board and superintendent of education not included on the agenda.

10.       Adjourn

Additional items for board agenda, October 13, 2008:

1.        Transfer ownership of excess bus #98-1, 1998 Blue Bird VIN 1GDM7T1XJW506584, to Pike County EMA.      

2.         Approve Marilyn Thompson and David Trawick for five and two days per week respectfully to provide contracted services in guidance department at Pike County High School.