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Meeting Type: Provisional Board Meeting
Location: Central Office
Date: 7/26/2010 5:30:00 PM

1.       Roll Call

2.       Invocation

3.      Accept Minutes of July 12, 2010

4.      Hearing of Delegations and Communications

5.      Adoption of Agenda

6.      Unfinished Business

7.      New Business

A.     Discuss student transfer requests.

B.      Technology Initiatives Update  by Stephanie Snyder

8.       Personnel

A.     Approve for elementary school counselors to work 1 ½  days this summer to convert to STI NOW system.

B.      Approve Mrs. Lee Scott as Assistant Principal at Goshen Elementary

C.    Approve John Williford as Physical Education Teacher at Banks

D.     Approve voluntary transfer of Trey Pike to Pike County Elementary.

E.      Approve voluntary transfer of Andre Davis to Assistant Principal at Pike County High School.

F.     Approve voluntary transfer of Kristie Deloney from Kindergarten to First Grade at Pike County Elementary.

G.      Approve Ebony S. Cox as secondary Graduation Coach at Pike County High School.

H.    Approve Mr. Jason Ford as Physical Education Aide Teacher at Goshen Elementary School.

I.       Approve Mr. Timothy Moorer as Social Science Teacher at Goshen High School.

J.      Approve First Sergeant Charles Thomas Powell as the 12 month Senior JROTC instructor at Goshen High School.

K.    Approve Kristina Anderson as 5th grade teacher at Pike County Elementary School.

9.       Business by members of the Board and Superintendent of Education not included on the Agenda.

10.   Adjourn