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Gifted 15-16

This year we are focusing on the concept of choices. Choices- we make them all day, every day. Our choices define who we are and represent how diversified we are as individuals. The goal of this unit is for gifted students to identify how they make choices and what external factors influence them, as well as how their decisions affect themselves and others whether it has a negative or positive outcome.

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View Toothpick Bridges
Toothpick Bridges

Bridge challenge #2! We first tested shapes to see which shape is the strongest...TRIANGLE! Then we studied how bridges are built and created a blue print of a truss bridge. Finally, we constructed our bridges and viola: Toothpick Bridges!

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View Penny Bridges
Penny Bridges

With ALOT of patients and determination we did a penny bridge's not as easy as it looks!

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