Propane Bid Request

Bid Request



 Sealed Bids for propane for Pike County Schools will be received by Pike County Board of Education, 101 W. Love Street, Troy, Alabama 36081, until 2:00 PM on July 6, 2020.  At that time the bids will be publicly opened and read.  Envelopes must be sealed and marked:


                                    SEALED BID:     PROPANE 

                  TO BE OPENED:  07/06/2020 AT 2:30 P.M.


BID BOND:      A bid bond is required by Code of Alabama 1975, Section 41-16-50 (c).  Each bid must be accompanied by a bid bond or a certified or cashier’s check in the amount of $500.00 made payable to the Pike County Board of Education as a bid deposit which will be forfeited if the bid is accepted and the bidder does not complete the transaction.  Any bid submitted without such check or bid bond will not be considered.   Unsuccessful bidders’ checks will be returned promptly following the bid award.  The bond of the successful bidder will be returned upon our receipt and satisfaction with the service.


1.                  The board requests the bid for the specified contract period of August 1, 2020 through July 31, 2025.  The board at its discretion may extend this bid and contract on an annual basis if agreeable with the successful bidder, and if on August 1 each year, the current price per gallon will be equal to or less than the price submitted for this bid. The Board may add additional propane tanks at different locations or remove existing tanks throughout the life of this document.


2.                  The board requests a firm bid amount above the Mont Belvieu/ Dailey OPIS Report from each bidder.  The successful bidder will be allowed the bid amount on each delivery above the Mont Belvieu/ Dailey OPIS Report which may escalate or deescalate form time to time.  The board will expect a price decrease with any decrease in the Mont Belvieu/ Dailey OPIS Report.  The successful bidder must attach a copy of the Mont Belvieu/ Dailey OPIS Report for the date of the delivery of the propane as proof of any increase or decrease in price when billing the board.


3.                  The successful bidder will:


a.                  Provide gas tanks and connect at each location of delivery, except in locations where tanks are owned by the Board.


b.                  Additional tanks and service may be added in the future as needed at the same or additional locations as required by the Board.


c.                   Allow vendor owned tanks to remain at their respective locations after the awarding of subsequent bid until tanks are empty or until otherwise notified by the Pike County Board of Education that they should be removed.  Once notified, empty tanks will be removed within five working days.


d.                  Light all pilot lights prior to the opening of school.


e.                  Make deliveries frequently enough to insure that any one school or tank will not run out of gas during the time designated.  If a tank is allowed to run out of gas, the successful bidder will have all of the pilot lights relit upon delivery of the gas for that particular tank.


4.                  All gas bids will be equal to or better than D-5 Propane Gas. Upon request of the Board the successful bidder must have the proper equipment and device to inject methanol into the propane tank to dry out water and moisture.


5.                  In order for the Board to meet auditors’ recommendations and to be able to track gas usage, billing will be done by the company receiving this bid as follows:   


a.                  The successful bidder must have a number prominently affixed or painted on each tank that it provides at each site.  Each tank owned by the Board will have a number displayed.  Numbers must not be duplicated.  This tank number must be identified on each delivery ticket.  This must be done in order for the Board to identify where the gas is being utilized, and in some instances, for what program it is being utilized. 


b.                  Deliveries must be made during school hours in order to have a school employee sign tickets.  Should an emergency arise in which gas is needed, every attempt should be made to deliver during normal hours of operation.  In the event that such delivery is not possible, each ticket must have the name of the individual who gave verbal authority to deliver gas.  Unless otherwise notified, deliveries may be made on an emergency basis if authorized by the superintendent, director of operations, supervisor of lunchrooms, any principal, any assistant principal, any lunchroom manager, or designated maintenance personnel.


c.                   On deliveries to each school, the school principal, or someone specifically designated by the principal, will sign for receipt of delivery after personally witnessing each ticket being placed into the meter.  The Board will not assume financial liability for any unsigned ticket and will not pay for gas delivered in any manner other than described in 5b, above, or in the manner immediately previously described.  It will be the responsibility of the driver (delivery person) to insure that each ticket for each tank is properly witnessed and signed for.


d.                  Invoices must be received by the 28th of the month in order for payment to be made by the 10th of the next month. A statement, along with a copy of all invoices, and a copy of the Mont Belvieu/ Dailey OPIS Report for the date of the delivery; will be mailed to the Pike County Board of Education central office by the 28th of each month.  Invoices must indicate the name of the school site and the tank number.



Propane Tanks:                       Quantity/Gallons                     Owner


Banks Primary School                        1 each, 1000 gal.                     PCBOE

                                                2 each,  500 gal.                      PCBOE


Banks Middle School              4 each,  500 gal.                      PCBOE


Goshen Elem. School             2 each, 1000 gal.                     Gas Co.

                                                1 each, 1000 gal. (Underground)  PCBOE


Goshen High School               2 each,  500 gal.                      Gas Co.

                                                3 each, 1000 gal.                     Gas Co.

                                                1 each,  250 gal.                      Gas Co.

                                                1 each, 1000 gal. (Underground) PCBOE



   The Pike County Board of Education reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

If further information is needed, contact:


Mr. Tom Hicks

Senior Administrative Assistant

Finance and Operations

Pike County Board of Education

101 W. Love Street Troy, AL  36081      

 Phone:   334-566-1850 ext. 81130


Propane Bid Form



Bid price per gallon above Mont Belvieu/ Dailey OPIS Report): ____________________________


Name of company submitting bid: ____________________________________________________


Signature of bidder: _______________________Phone ________________ DATE: _____________

I certify having authority to submit this bid.