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Dear PCS Parents:

As the school year draws to a close, I would like to take a minute to say thank you for your cooperation and support during this difficult school year.  It has not been easy for anyone and I continue to have concerns about the loss of face-to-face instructional time and the corresponding impact it has had on student achievement levels.  Please know that we tried to place our student’s safety first. We were certainly not perfect in all that we did but the strategies we used were certainly done in good faith.  Although we had numerous employees and students who became very sick, we were blessed that we did not lose anyone to COVID.  Unfortunately, we know of employees and students who lost family members and we keep them in prayer. Again, I sincerely want to thank each of you.

I also want to say how proud I am of our employees. I am especially proud of our faculty members and those who had direct contact with students each day.  For teachers, the learning curve was very steep as it related to planning and then conducting virtual instruction.  They immediately engaged themselves in the professional learning required to deliver virtual instruction and I am proud of them.  Our leadership team should be commended for keeping everyone headed in the same direction. Of the forty-one years I have been in education, the challenges this year were unmatched.  

Along with my thanks, I would like to share several items of importance. 

First, PCS will offer a comprehensive, enhanced summer school for students in grades PK-12. This program will be offered this summer and the next two summers in an effort to mitigate achievement losses due to COVID.  The summer schedule will be posted on our PCS websites. Local schools will distribute letters to specific students who they believe will benefit from this opportunity.  Full school bus transportation services will be provided. Our Child Nutrition Program will also provide both breakfast and lunch.  Questions concerning the enhanced summer school program may be directed to your local school principal or counselor, or you may call the Central Office at 334-566-1850. If the school contacts you concerning your child and issues an invitation to attend the summer session, we strongly encourage you to send your child. 

Secondly, PCS will expand its grade 9-12 all virtual/homeschool program beginning next school term.  This program existed before COVID and the program will expand to include all grade levels for parents who are interested.  Students will maintain or enroll in one of our local schools but be provided instruction virtually.  Students must participate in the state assessment program.  Students participating in this program retain the opportunity to participate in most other school activities. Registration dates will be announced in the near future and this program is open to all students residing in Pike County and within a 45-mile radius of Pike County. However, students not residing in the Pike County attendance zone will need to request a non-residency transfer. For more information, please call 334-566-1850.

Please stay tuned for many more new and exciting programs coming to Pike County Schools.  We look forward to a post-COVID reawakening in our schools and in the students we serve. We thank you for trusting Pike County Schools.

With warm regards,

Dr. Mark Bazzell, Superintendent


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