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The mission of the Pike County School System is to develop individuals who will possess the knowledge, skills, and values essential to becoming productive citizens. The school district's Guiding Principles are 1) maintain high expectations and performance standards for all students and adults, 2) ensure academic accountability, fiscal responsibility, and clear communication, 3) initiate and sustain effective collaboration with families, community agencies, and business industry partners, 4) engage in research to provide innovative instruction, proficient technology use, and expanded student opportunities, and 5) deliver friendly and courteous service in safe, clean, well-maintained schools. 

The school system as well as each school maintains Advanced ED Accreditation. Student performance on standardized assessments is competitive with surrounding systems in Southeast Alabama. We encourage you to utilize data provided at the Alabama State Department of Education website to review this information.

It should also be noted that the Pike County Schools are committed to providing face-to-face learning in a safe or orderly manner. The system is not providing a COVID-driven virtual option this school year. The system is providing a Homeschool option for parents who preregistered this summer. Parents who are interested in this option for their child should submit the name of their child to be placed on a waiting list. Shifts from traditional to the Homeschool Program will only be allowed as openings arise. Please contact 334-566-1850 if you would like to be added to a waiting list.

If you need technical assistance, please call/text 334-672-0463. An IT Technician will respond to each request.

Dr. Mark Bazzell, Superintendent


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