School Bus
The Transportation Department employs 2 mechanics and 38 bus drivers to transport students to and from all Pike County Schools. Our school buses travel approximately 1700 miles each day and use approximately 300 gallons of diesel fuel each day. Each bus is serviced at least once a month. Each bus driver has to have two special designations on their driver's license to be able to drive a bus. They must have CDL license to operate the large vehicle and a P & S endorsement. They also have to have a Bus Driver's certification issued by the State of Alabama.


No. Our goal is to transport students safely; this involves having a daily standard routine.  Our policy is for all students to remain on their assigned buses for both morning and afternoon routes.  
You will need to complete a Transportation Request Form and return it to the school, central office, or the bus shop.  Forms are available at all locations and on-line at
No. However, if your child does not behave appropriately on the bus and abide by the student code of conduit and bus rules, the bus driver will write up a disciplinary action form, and turn it into the Principal who will take appropriate action according the Pike County Schools Code of conduct.
It is a State and Local requirement for a bus driver to have a record of every student they transport along with emergency contact information.
If the bus has to deviate from its regular route to pick up your child, and the stop is not at the same locations as other riders, the bus will not return to a stop after 3 days until a parent or guardian has contacted the transportation department stating the child is returning to school and therefore needs a pickup. 
It is our goal to provide as rapid a reply to your request as possible. All new bus stops will be checked by the Transportation Supervisor before the bus is allowed to pick up the students to ensure the safety of all students. Please allow 3-5 workdays for us to complete the request. After this time, if you do not have an answer, please call the Transportation Department at (334) 566-1850 ext 81102, or call your child's school. Also, at the beginning of the school year (August), it may take as long as 10 days to get an answer due the overwhelming number of requests we receive. 
You will need to submit an inter-district transfer request through the local principal's office for consideration by the Pike County Board. This is not a decision made by Transportation.
If you are not at home when the bus is at your stop and you have young children, the bus driver will complete his/her route.  Then your children will be taken to the Central Office at 101 West Love Street in Troy and held there until you pick them up.
No. When your child is sent to the ALC, they are not only suspended from the school campus but also the school bus. You may bring your child to the designated location at one of the 2 high schools where a bus will bring them to and from the ALC.  It will be your responsibility to be there when the bus arrives to transport your child.  The other option is for you to transport your student directly to the ALC.
No. Because of child safety issues, all children must ride only their assigned buses to and from their assigned stops both morning and afternoon.


  1. Please read the bus rules that are provided to you.
  2. Enter and exit the bus in a respectful manner.
  3. Please remain seated at all times and sit straight in the seat for safety.
  4. A bus cannot pull away from a stop until the child is 12ft away from the bus.
  5. Per our superintendent, there are no random stops for the day. Only designated addresses will be the pickup and drop-off points for students. (No notes accepted to the bus driver.) Stops must be approved by the transportation department and superintendent.
  6. Students can be assigned seats by the driver and can be reassigned if needed. This is a state law.
  7. We as that students be quiet at a railroad crossing and stop signs to help the driver. No yelling, please.
  8. All buses are equipped with 7 cameras. The cameras help schools with discipline and other safety issues that may arise. (Bus videos are only shared with the administration.
  9. Parents should contact Pike County Schools or the transportation department for comments, concerns, etc. Please do not discuss this with the bus driver. This can cause safety and traffic issues.
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