Skype is a social media tool that can be used to connect with students.

Skype is a FREE download and is FREE to use. All teachers have a SKYPE account through our MS365 subscription (Skype for Business). Students in grades 6 - 12 also have a Skype account through their student email account.

You must have a Web Camera on your computer to use Skype.


Make sure that you have a Microsoft account. You'll need an Outlook, Hotmail, or Live account with Microsoft in order to create a Skype account.




Visit the Skype website. Go to in your Windows or Mac computer's browser.




Click Get Skype. This blue button is in the middle of the page. Skype is a software application that you have to download in order to use.




Wait for Skype to download. If you're using a Windows computer, clicking Get Skype will open the Windows Store app, at which point you'll have to click Get or Install in the Store app. On a Mac, Skype should download immediately download.




Install Skype if necessary. On a Windows computer, Skype installs after downloading; Mac users will have to install Skype by opening the Skype DMG file and then clicking and dragging the Skype icon onto the Applications folder.



Open Skype and sign in. If you already have a Skype username, you will be prompted to connect it to a Microsoft account. If you're on a Windows computer, you will usually be signed in using the Microsoft email address with which your computer is signed in.