System Administration

Dr. Mark  Bazzell
Phone: 334-566-1850
Ms. Pamela  Franklin
Ms. Pamela Franklin
Administrative Assistant: Instructional Support & Ancillary Services
Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext 81126
Dr. Donnella  Carter
Deputy Superintendent
Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 81127
Jeff McClure

Administrative Assistant: Academy Program & Alternative Learning   Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext 89250

Mr. Tom  Hicks

 Director of Finance & Operations Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 81130

Tamika Hurt

Mrs. TaMika Hurt
Special Programs Coordinator
Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 81117

Brandi Mosley

Chief School Financial Officer 
Ext. 81120

Mrs. Brooke  Terry
Child Nutrition Director
Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 81129
Mrs. Cynthia  Boswell
Mrs. Cynthia Boswell
Executive Secretary to Superintendent Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 81112
Mr. Mike  Johnson
Maintenance and Transportation Director Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 81106
Mrs. Stephanie  Snyder
Technology Coordinator
Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 81115
Tracey Arnold

Ms. Tracey Arnold
Instructional Support Specialist
Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 89116

Kimberly Holmes

Ms. Kimberly Holmes
Phone: 334-566-1850
Ext: 81135

Organizational Structure

Pike County Board of Education

Rev. Earnest Green, District 1; Mr. Greg Price, District 2; Mr. Scott Hartley, District 3;

Mrs. Cathy Lott, District 4; Dr. Clint Foster, District 5; Mr. Chris Wilkes, District 6



Dr. Mark Bazzell

Mrs. Cynthia Boswell Secretary to the Superintendent/Board

Mrs. Diana Whitaker, Board of Education Receptionist


CFO/Custodian Of Funds

Mrs. Brandi Mosley

Director of Finance & Operations

Mr. Tom Hicks

Maintenance & Transportation Supervisor

Mr. Mike Johnson

Child Nutrition Programs

Mrs. Brooke Terry, Director

School Nurses

Mrs. Pam Moates, R.N.

Mrs. Gloria Leveque, R.N.

Mrs. Angela Long R.N.

Ms. Kim Hester, R.N.

Mrs. Reyna Freeman




Mrs. Stephanie Snyder, Coordinator

Mr. Daniel Reeves, Tech. Specialist

Mrs. Ashley Sanders, IT Communication Specialist


Transition Coor./Job Coach

Mr. Kevin Jackson



Ms. Kimberly Holmes


Instructional Support Specialist

Ms. Tracey Arnold


Special Programs Coordinator

Mrs. TaMika Hurt

Other Central Office Staff:

Mrs. Christine DeAgazio, Mrs. Ranita DeJesus, Mrs. Mary Hall, Mrs. Gail Lambert,
Emily Pilot


School Principals

Banks School
Mrs. Shantell Rouse, Principal

Goshen Elementary
Mrs. Natalie Mims, Interim Principal

Goshen High School
Dr. Jamie Rich, Principal

Pike County Elementary
Mr. Rodney Drish, Principal

Pike County High School
Mr. Ken Britford, Principal

Troy-Pike Center for Technology
Mr. Jeremy Knox, Director

Center for Advanced Academics & Accelerated Learning
Mr. Jeff McClure, Administrative Assistant

Prevention & Support

Dr. Mark Bazzell

  • Student Health Services
  • Drug Education/HIV/AIDS Education
  • Truancy Intervention
  • School Safety & Discipline
  • Impact Aide


Instructional Programs

Dr. Donnella Carter

  • K-12 Foundational Instructional Programs
  • Federal Programs including ESL
  • Accountability
  • Homeless/Foster Care
  • Advanced Ed
  • Professional Development
  • Related Policy Compliance
  • Library Media
  • Book Studies
  • Ed TPA

Instructional Support & Ancillary Services

Ms. Pamela Franklin

  • Student Assessment
  • Textbooks
  • Community Ed, Parent Advocacy
  • STEM After-School Programs
  • Techer Leadership Academy
  • Parents, Partners, PCS Academy
  • Parent Involvement/Parent Expo
  • Leader in Me K-8 Habit of Happy Kids Program 
  • Title IX
  • Counseling & Guidance
  • At-Risk/High Hopes
  • Educate AL / Lead AL


Academies, Accelerated & Alternative Learning

Mr. Jeff McClure

  • Academy Programs
  • Workforce Development
  • Post-Secondary Liaison
  • Business & Industry Liaison
  • Accelerated and Alternative Learning
  • Scheduling Coordination
  • Home School Consortium
  • Submission of Related Grants
  • Drop Out Prevention


Special Education Services                

Mrs. TaMika Hurt

  • Special Education
  • IDEA Part B
  • 504 Compliance
  • Student Health Services
  • Lee vs Macon Compliance
  • Transition Services
  • Vocational Rehab
  • Gifted Education
  • Early Intervention Services


Career Technical Education

Mr. Jeremy Knox

  • Short Term Programs
  • CTE Standard Programs
  • CTE Transition
  • ALSDE and Federal Compliance
  • Ready To Work
  • Graduation Coach
  • CTE Counseling 


Instructional Support Specialist

Ms. Tracey Arnold

  • SREB Middle School Initiatives
  • STEM Coordination
  • Standards Based Instruction
  • Data Analysis
  • STEM After School Program
  • Computer Science